Trade Fair

Trade Fair building: space frame on tree-column
Sipel, Luxemburg
Pohl Architekten Stadtplaner, Jena / Steinmetz DeMayer architectes urbanistes

The project encompasses the redevelopment of the existing trade fair grounds and a new, public transportation hub. The hub is to include a new railway station along with a peripheral station as well as a bus terminal and a tram stop. The structural system of the main exhibition building provides a column-free space with clear spans of up to 78 m affording maximum flexibility in its use. The structure of the exhibition hall was developed with functional and economical considerations in mind. Trussed girders span in the principal direction from tree-column to tree-column. The roof trusses along with the secondary girders form a rectilinear substructure for the folded roofing. The Solar-Plus exhibition centre is energy neutral eliminating the need for fossil fuels. An additional design feature is the incorporation of extensive natural lighting throughout the building and the incorporation of photo voltaic cells on the folded roof surfaces. As a result, the operational costs were reduced significantly. The roof structure of the train station mirrors that of the exhibition hall and rests on tree-column as well.