Parking Garage Schwanenweg

Parking Garage Schwanenweg

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herrmann+bosch architekten  Architect

The pioneering parking garage in reversible timber construction


The 5-story timber hybrid building is being built at the entrance of the city of Wendlingen as the start of a future urban quarter. Due to its proximity to the train station and direct connection to the highway, the building promotes environmentally friendly mobility through its park & ride function. Visitors have access to 350 parking spaces, 100 bicycle racks, and charging stations for electric cars and electric bikes.

The parking garage as the material warehouse of the future

In line with common steel parking garage systems, a modular system with a high degree of prefabrication was chosen for the construction. The main structure is made of glulam posts and beams, with 12cm thick plywood decks. In terms of volume, the parking garage consists of 1/3 concrete and 2/3 wood. A total of 2,400m³ of wood was used, with a construction that is pure in terms of material and does not use composite materials. The connections were all installed with bolts or screws, allowing the parking garage to be easily disassembled and reassembled at a different location.

The progressive timber construction allows for flexible repurposing options

To meet today's requirements for driving comfort, safety, and flexible arrangement of parking spaces, column-free parking spaces were provided. This results in a clear span of 16m for the glulam beams, with a beam height of 108cm. The ramp elements are made of precast concrete elements resting on the wooden ramp supports. The lateral bracing is provided by two stairwell towers that are anchored into the foundation plate. This creates a clear system for horizontal bracing without the need for additional connections or bracing elements. To ensure future reuse of the building, the floor heights were planned with a clear height of 2.35m, instead of the usual 2.1m in conventional parking garages. The height and lack of columns allow for easy conversion of the parking garage into residential or commercial use, with a naturally lit courtyard instead of centrally located bike ramps.

Project data

Client Stadt Wendlingen am Neckar

Architect herrmann+bosch architekten

Finalization 2024

Project data Gross floor area 9.615 m²
Usable area 12.324 m²
Gross cubic capacity 39.558 m³
Span 16 m
Height 19 m

Services structural engineering, special structures, sustainability