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We draft, design, and realize climate-responsive façades every scale and complexity.


Since our founding in 2001, we have been constantly innovating in the fields of building envelopes and structures, with a constant focus on aesthetics and energy efficiency in our projects. Our projects including traditional curtain facades, timber structures, and special constructions among others. We often work in interdisciplinary teams, collaborating closely with clients, planning partners, and contractors.

We provide comprehensive facade planning services on projects worldwide—from conceptual consultation and the creation of reference details to tender assistance and on-site construction management. We are constantly refining our sustainable construction principles through regular participation in design competitions and research projects.

We extend beyond the traditional scope of façade consulting services to include building physics calculations, while offering guidance on sustainability and structural design of façade systems of any complexity.

Facade planning of special constructions

Our expertise in the field of envelope design and engineering