Our Expertise

With a holistic approach to sustainability in our projects we are shaping the transformation towards climate-friendly construction.


We are a part of the change towards a more climate-friendly construction industry and thereby carry a responsibility to shape this transformation. Through the interdisciplinary dialogue with professionals and the transfer of knowledge beyond the threshold of our office, we can actively push this shift.

This is why we initiated the “Stuttgarter Nachhaltigkeitsstammtisch” in 2018. We do research to develop solutions for sustainable structures and facades. Through in-house training, our Sustainability Team ensures high quality expertise in the field of climate-compatible construction.
We apply our collective knowledge and experience within interdisciplinary teams to plan and develop holistically sustainable solutions. For high carbon emission efficiency in our projects, we focus on complementarity of materials when designing our structures and building envelopes.

Through circular construction, for which we develop simple and reversible connections while keeping the constraints of a circular economy in mind, we can achieve maximum resource efficiency. Regarding sufficiency, we plan structures and buildings which are flexible and adaptable for changing needs.

Sustainability of climate-friendly buildings

Planning and consulting services in the area of sustainability