Europa-Park stadium

Europa-Park stadium

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HPP Architekten  Architect

A "Stadium for everyone" for SC Freiburg


As the old Freiburg stadium no longer met the current requirements for use, a new building was built in 2021 with a high standing room capacity to allow as wide an audience as possible to watch the games.

Clear forms serve the experience and functionality

The building was designed as a timeless rectangular base shape. A surrounding solid construction for the stands as well as a three-story administration building are integrated into the stadium. An overhanging roof is supported by delicate V-supports.

The node design as an important factor in shaping and economic efficiency

roof construction
The entire stadium is covered by a steel roof structure with a footprint of 24,000m². The height was limited due to its proximity to the airport. The roof structure of the stadium was executed as a steel truss construction with welded main trusses protruding about 44m. The trusses are held together by diagonal outer supports which transmit the tensile forces into the ground. Welded rectangular hollow profiles were used as chords, while open profiles were chosen for posts and diagonals. In the front area, the trusses transition into a closed, arched hollow box girder. The welded nodes, consisting of simple steel plates for the truss chords and open standard hot-rolled profiles for posts and diagonals, are statically and technically optimized by the integration of sickle plates.

Project data

Client Stadion Freiburg Objektträger GmbH & Co.

Architect HPP Architekten

Finalization 12/2020

Services structural engineering, special structures