The Cradle

The Cradle

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HPP Architekten   Architect

The first timber hybrid office building in Düsseldorf sets a new dimension in planning


Another flagship project is being added to Düsseldorf's Media Harbour. On the A Basin, a 6-story office building marks the southern start. The Cradle puts the life cycle at the center of the planning and creates a new dimension in terms of holistic planning. For the first time, the integral inter-trade planning (BIM) was linked to C2C.

Glue-free structural system for a seamless reuse of the components

The building is a solid timber construction - only the basement box, the core, and the ground floor are realized in reinforced concrete construction. The building grid takes into account the requirements for efficient wood construction and allows for the execution of glue-free board stack ceilings in prefabricated construction. The ceilings are supported by solid wooden columns and beams.

A multifunctional component combines structure, ventilation, and shading

The facade is also designed in wood construction. Diagonally arranged glued laminated timber columns in front of the facade are protected from weathering by impact discs and are the defining element of the house. They support the ceilings and, together with a solid core on the inside, form the horizontal bracing.

Synergy of integral planning and Cradle-To-Cradle

The Cradle-To-Cradle principle is based on the laws of nature: most used materials can be reused. There is almost no waste during dismantling, at the same time, the building uses energy from renewable sources and pays attention to an environmentally friendly production of building materials. With the help of the BIM method, all materials used were first entered into a "Material Passport" that provides information about the quality of the materials during the building's lifespan and how the building materials can be recycled or reused in the future.

Project data

Client Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft Speditionstraße mbH & Co.KG

Architect HPP Architekten

Finalization 09/2023

Project data Gross floor area 12.000 m²
Usable area 10.864 m²
Gross cubic capacity 41.478 m³
Span 7 m
Facade surface 3.700 m²

Services structural engineering, facade design, special structures

Awards MIPIM/The Architectural Review Future Project Award 2018, ICONIC AWARD: Innovative Architecture 2018, special price BIM Heinze ArchitektenAWARD 2020