Sun Sail Dortmund

Stadt Dortmund
HWR Architekten
Oktober 2021
© Hans Jürgen Landes © Wüstenrot Stiftung / © knippershelbig

The Sun Sail in Dortmund's Westfalenpark, completed in 1969 for the "Euroflor" Bundesgartenschau (Federal Garden Show), was financed by ARGE Holz to demonstrate advanced timber construction. The exhibition pavilion is one of the outstanding experimental buildings of the time as the first tensile-loaded timber structure with free edges. The Wüstenrot Foundation's feasibility study made it possible to carry out the restoration by means of an innovative, high-tech upgrade of the supporting structure. In order to restore the original load-bearing function with as little damage to the structure as possible, knippershelbig developed a redundant concept with additional load-bearing reserves. Particular attention was paid to the wooden shell, whose tensile load-bearing capacity had been weakened by structural damage to the continuous wooden slats. The three cross-shaped supports were removed and reproduced precisely in acetylated wood. The cable bracings were also replaced.