Stuttgart Timber Bridge

Research project with comprehensive analysis of existing timber bridges, common types of defects; definition of design guidelines and development of standardised solid timer bridge typologies
Cluster Holz BW
Knippers Helbig / Prof. Cheret, FMPA / Schaffitzel Holzbau
MPA Stuttgart, Schaffitzel Holzindustrie, Cheret Bozic
Knippers Helbig

Knippers Helbig collaborates with the Materials Testing Institute Stuttgart, Cheret Bozic architects and the company MPA Stuttgart, Schaffitzel Holzindustrie, Cheret Bozic to develop roust and exemplary timber bridges. Comprehensive analyses of existing timber bridges are performed, design guidelines established and numerous planning recommendations developed. The research project aims at developing innovative, sustainable, economically sensible and aesthetically pleasing designs, which can be used in the most diverse situations and therefore further promote the use of timber bridges in the market. The analysis of structural defects to conventional bridges revealed that the major weakness is the interface between the wooden bridge superstructure and the adjacent abutments. In order to reduce this risk to a minimum an innovative integral timber bridge was developed by omitting the expansion joints and therefore increasing its design life. Based on the insights gained from fundamental research a series of bridges is being built along the river Rems in preparation for the State Horticultural Show 2019.

German Timber Construction Award 2017.