Sports Centre Cents

School Sports Centre with Sports Hall and Indoor Swimmingpool
City of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Auer + Weber + Assoziierte
Auer Weber / ©Aldo Amoretti

The school sports centre in Luxembourg-Cents includes a sports hall and an indoor swimming pool. The indoor swimming pool (37 x 40 m) is located on the 1st and 2nd floor of the four-story high hall. The roof is made out of 110 cm high wooden ribbed construction (ribs 7.5 cm thick, 80 cm spacing), supported by reinforced concrete columns and ring beam. The ribs are rigidly connected to the roofing slab by means of screw-press bonding (T-beams). The swimming pool consists of a 40 cm thick watertight reinforced concrete layer with an additional lining.
The roof structure of the two-storied sports hall (47 x 41 m) consists of a pretensioned frame construction (approximately 142 cm high, axial distance 3.1 m) which also serves as a playing field. The static system is a T-beam, which rests as a Gerber girder on supports and wall countershaft. To facilitate transport and assembly, the prefabricated components are split into three parts. The girder is trapezoidal in cross-section (28 x 60 cm) and is additionally arched along the longitudinal axis.
The shell of the building, which was also planned by Knippers Helbig, consists partly of wood facades and partly of steel-glass facades which alternate with prehung reinforced concrete prefabricated parts.