Institute for Advanced Study

Institute for Advanced Study
Steven Holl Architects, NY
United States
Princeton NJ

The Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) in Princeton will build a new commons building on their historic campus near its original 1939 building where Albert Einstein spent his last thinking years.
Some water-filled pools reflect sunlight into interior spaces producing an atmosphere of reflection. Natural phenomena are intertwined with science, physics, humanities, and art –corresponding with the Institute’s mission.
The building, for which Knippers Helbig is designing the façade, includes meeting rooms, an indoor/outdoor café, living space as well as exhibition space to display images and materials which tell the story of the Institute’s heritage.
The building envelope comprises two major façade types: clerestory (planar and curved) and a stick system steel façades at ground and first level.
Prismatic glass above 7’ breaks white light into the color spectrum energizing the interior with natural phenomena and creating spectacular light effects.