GIZ - House 5

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit mbH
H4a Gessert+Randecker Architekten

The German Society for International Cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit – GIZ) plans opposite its existing headquarters (Building1) the construction of an office building with an integrated child-care facility and underground parking. The building measuring approx. 104 x 20 m externally includes office and usable space of approx. 4,212 m² as well as an underground garage with about 56 parking spaces. The building is divided into a four-storey office area and a two and one-story unit connecting it to the existing GIZ building. The curved shape of the building creates a campus-like area with a forecourt in the entrance area.
The main structure was designed as a reinforced-concrete frame structure with bracing cores. The building is about 15 m high with a ceiling height of approx. 3.5 m and has a basement below ground level. To ensure as versatile a use as possible of the usable areas, an economical point-supported flat slab construction was chosen. The ceilings, in some cases with integrated building services, are supported by reinforced-concrete columns, dimensioned according to the load distribution. Where support cannot be achieved continuously, a joist is provided to take the weight. This permits greater flexibility of the support positions.
The foundation is designed as a "white tank". For stiffening, reinforced-concrete cores and walls are planned throughout from the roof to the foundations.