Eastman Frameless Glass Structure

Knippers Helbig
Concept & Engineering: Knippers Helbig / KHIC Glass Laminator: Thiele Glass Installation + Steel fabrication: HĂĽttinger

The Eastman Frameless Glass Structure stands 4.5m tall, 2.5m wide and consists of 38 glass panes. Loads between glass panes are transferred through 244 stainless steel inserts which are laminated between heat strengthened glass panes with Saflex Structural PVB interlayers, combined with two translucent Vanceva interlayers.

The glass structure was designed for various load cases including, wind, temperatures, linear and impact loads.

The first row of glass panes is glued into a stainless steel channel with structural silicone.

A parametric 3D model was created; glass and PVB outlines as well as CDC data for the stainless steel fittings was generated from the geometry master model.