Day Care Center

Daycare facility for children as wood frame structure meeting the passive house standard
EGH Entwicklungsgesellschaft Heidelberg GmbH & Co KG, Heidelberg
Behnisch Architects
David Matthiessen

Due to its utilization the building is open to the public and implicates social encounters. Thus, it takes a special position in the urban context. The house is to be built as lightweight structure in connection with a solid floor slab. The horizontal material separation within the building enables us to separate the trades clearly. The prefabrication of the wood structure results in a shorter construction time. It is a two-storey building without basement and built as wood frame structure. The ceilings comprise one-way prefabricated timber units including prepared installation lines (e.g. air ventilation ducts, etc.) Outer and inner walls of wood frame structure were also prepared. Ceilings and load bearing walls have been designed as slabs. Based on improved landfill the foundation is a reinforced concrete raft with surrounding ice walls. An installation duct has been integrated along the ice walls. The hoistway is a reinforced concrete structure. The construction of the outer catwalks is a galvanized steel structure on stilts with steel gratings. These walks serve as additional escape routes from the upper floor. Their foundation has been designed as single and strip footing.