Car Park

Concrete frame construction with parametric brick facade
Stadt Bad-Soden
Birk Heilmeyer und Frenzel
Bad Soden
Gramazio Kohler
Birk Heilmeyer und Frenzel; KH

The new „Verkehrshof“ is located at the train station in Bad Soden and joins all traffic related functions under the car park building. The on all sides open space is defined by a broad and striking pillar/ roof construction. A fabric like wrapping distinguishes in particular the outward appearance of the car park building. A method which has been developed at the ETH Zürich allows for the pre-fabrication of the brick facade. An offset and slight rotation of individual bricks creates a pattern with a soft appearance, resembling a woven fabric, which changes its effect depending on the position of the beholder and of the sun. The building with a footprint of 86m x 26m and a height of 15m has been designed as an efficient reinforced concrete frame construction. A regular load bearing grid is based on the width of parking spaces and lanes. The cross-bracing of the building results from a frame effect in lateral direction and from the diagonals of the V-columns in longitudinal direction, as well as from the staircase cores.