Campus Bridge

Steel bridge built of weathering steel
TWL Stadt Leverkusen AöR
Knight Architects, High Wycombe - UK
knippershelbig + Knight Architects
© / Knight Architects

The Opladen family of bridges consists of the campus bridge and the railway bridge. The campus bridge passes over the railway tracks and connects the old town to the new. Users with different speeds will cross each other's way on the bridge. This fact has been taken into consideration in the design of the floor plan by creating wider spaces at meeting traffic points, routes which are open to public vision. The bridge is perceived differently depending on the speed: the slatted trellis provides panoramic views of the city, and it displays a wavelike up and down motion of girder and lamella. The bridge constructions were designed as multi-span trough bridges with distinctive external lamellas. The superstructure comprises two Z-profiles as main beams, which are connected to a trough section by cross beams. The principal beams consist of welded Z-profiles, in which the web heights adapt to the moment curvature. The result is a curved Z-Profile with minimal profile heights at the bearing and maximal profile heights at mid-span. Vertical slats as lamellas, are to be installed to stabilise the webs of the principal beams. Wall slabs consisting of reinforced concrete support the superstructure. The columns are haunched at the top to allow for an efficient solution combined with a compelling design. An efficient construction with low maintenance costs is to be achieved by using corrosion-resistant materials.