Bridge Probststraße

Geometrically complex frame structure
City of Stuttgart - D

As a result of the recently redirected Probststrasse in Stuttgart-Möringen, the city of Stuttgart’s department of public works commissioned a new bridge to cross the tracks of the Stuttgarter Strassenbahn AG (SSB) just north of the train station in Möhringen. In the design phase, an integrated frame structure with site-mixed concrete was developed. The steelframe structure has a width of approx. 14 m, spans a distance ranging from 18 m on one side, to 25 m on the other, and passes over two train tracks. The very tight special conditions and limited height lead to the development of highly complex geometries which meet all the static requirements. Before construction could begin, the existing structure had to be demolished, and the electric cables of the trolly cars had to be secured. Additional difficulty was presented because train service continued during construction, so additional safety precautions had to be taken. Also, certain phases of construction could only be undertaken during the night. This brought additional difficulty to planning the construction.