Betriebsstätte Hald&Grunewald

Hald&Grunewald GmbH
rundzwei Architekten

A company building with a hall and office section is being built on 4900m². The northern office section consists of three floors connected by a spacious atrium. The first floor cantilevers 6m over the ground plan. The hall section offers 18m of column-free usable space. The structural elements in contact with the ground, the core, staircase areas and fire walls are made of reinforced concrete. All other building components are in timber frame construction.
Supports made of glulam support the roof construction and crane runway in the hall section. Slim glulam trusses span the twin-nave hall as single-span girders and project 6m over the ground plan on one side as a canopy. Bracing is provided by diagonal wooden beams in the façade and the roof level. The ceilings in the office section are solid cross-laminated timber elements. The requirements of earthquake zone 3 were taken into account in the planning.