Shenzhen International Airport

Custom parametric modelling, full facade engineering service and structural design for entire airport building
Shenzhen Airport Group Co. Ltd.
Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas
Caption: + Knippers Helbig

Shenzhen International Airport is located in the south east of China with a capacity of 45m passengers a year. Knippers Helbig was in charge of structural design, facade planning and geometry engineering. The terminal has a length of 1.6km and its gross area of 459,000m2 added 78 gates to the existing airport. The building has a 300.000m2 double-layered facade and roof construction with spans up to 80m. Due to the free form design and varying dimensions of the fa├žade panels a parametric development of the geometry was necessary. To manage 60.000 panels attached to a free form and based of different window sizes Knippers Helbig developed parametric design tools and custom details.
The structural concept for the concrete substructure was developed in close cooperation with local engineers in order to define a system meeting the architectural image and considers local fabrication standards.
The steel structure consists of 450.000 members and allows for high earthquake loads. Cross bracings are providing high level of stiffness, all other members are following the diagrid in order to achieve a maximum transparency of the facade.