Porsche Design Tower

Porsche Design Tower

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Bülow AG  Architect

A new landmark at the entrance of Stuttgart city center


On the property at Stuttgart's Pragsattel - the topographic highlight at the northern entrance to the city center - the Porsche Design Tower and the new Porsche Center Stuttgart were built. The tower has an above-ground floor area of approximately 16,000 square meters and a height of approximately 90 meters, with 25 floors for office and hotel spaces, including a restaurant, bar, conference rooms, and a fitness center, as well as three additional underground levels.

The main facade of the tower consists of a prefabricated double facade, with 1.35-meter wide floor-to-ceiling modules. The glass is equipped with a sun protection coating and measures for bird protection. Curved glass is used at the rounded building corners.

Project data

Client Objektgesellschaft Design Tower Stuttgart mbH

Architect Bülow AG

Finalization 2023

Project data Facade surface 11.000 m²
Height 90 m

Services facade design