Gothenburg Cable Car

Cable car structure, stations and up to 115m high masts, truss structure out of steel profiles
City of Gothenburg
UNStudio with Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture AB
Plompmozes / UNStudio

Gothenburg is located on the west coast of Sweden and is divided by the Göta älv river, which connects the lake Vänern with the Kattegat marine area. In 2021, Gothenburg celebrates its 400th birthday. A cable car is being built as a gift to the city and as an innovative addition to the highly frequented public transport system. It connects the districts north and south of the river. The signature feature of the cable car is the up to 115m tall pylons, which are a significant beacon in the skyline of the city. Four stations at main traffic junctions are marking the joints in a straight track rope course. Six pylons are required to lift up the rope way above the buildings and river. These pylons are designed as vertical space trusses of steel sections on a reinforced concrete base. The cross-section shape of the members is chosen according to static and dynamic wind loading as well as geometrical constraints.