Ein Pilotmarkt der Zukunft


Transparency, Lightness and Functionality


Design and structural analysis of the steel and glass dome of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures


Architecture with prefabricated concrete elements


Bridges: Potentials and Perspectives


Ceramic Composite for the State Opera House


Reminiscence of industrial and architectural history - Trumpf Smart Factory, Chicago


The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, LA


Uber Mission Bay Campus


Fibre Composites in the Building Industry


More Is Less – The Integral Mass Timber Bridge


Neuer Brückenschlag in der HafenCity


10 Years Facade Engineering by Knippers Helbig


Walkable steel roof structure


Innovative Things - Opera House Berlin


The digitization in the building industry is a chance


New Pipe Organ for the Basilica in Trier


Pedestrian Bridge made from Carbon-Concrete


Flächiges Gewebe trägt Carbonbetonbrücke


Segmented Granite Vault in Cambridge


Faserverbundwerkstoffe im Bauwesen


Baukultur ist ...unberechenbar


Shenzhen BAO’AN International Airport


Shenzhen International Airport Terminal 3


Wooden Bridge Prototypes


Fuß- und Radwegstege in der Neuen Bahnstadt Opladen


A tube ? No, an event landscape!


The simplification of the complexities


Themenpavillon „One Ocean“ EXPO 2012 in Yeosu, Korea


From Model Thinking to Process Design


Pérez Art Museum Miami – Hurrikan resistente Verglasung


Roofs and facades of United States Institue of Peace


Themenpavillon EXPO 2012 in Yeosu


Lincoln Center Canopies – Performance in Glass


Consisting of GFRP louvers


New Terminal 3 for Shenzhen Bao’an Airport


Breaking out of model thinking


Lincoln Center Canopies, Glasbau 2012


Werkstattbericht Knippers Helbig


Construction Manual for Polymers + Membranes


Glass - Transparent and Multifunctional


Digital Process Chain