Studierendenhaus TU Braunschweig

Land Niedersachsen
Gustav Düsing & Max Hacke
©Gustav Düsing & Max Hacke Gbr / Iwan Baan

The new student residence building at the Technical University of Braunschweig is understood as a multifunctional space and offers over 1,000 m² of space for 160 workplaces for learning and residence. The two-storey floor plan is designed without solid walls and allows for considerable flexibility. The open design of the required programme points allows the latter to react to changing requirements. Only the core shows enclosed areas; the kitchenette, sanitary facilities, lockers and a seminar room are housed here.
The construction consists of a filigree steel structure with an all-round transparent glass façade. The hollow steel sections of the columns and beams have dimensions of 10x10cm and form an equally-distributed spatial supporting structure. The ceilings are made of lightweight cross laminated timber elements suspended between the beams. The building is braced with struts embedded in the functionally-required wall areas. Electrical cables and sockets are integrated into the hollow profiles and all components are joined by means of hidden screw connections.