New building Sophienstraße

Residential and commercial building with underground parking in reinforced concrete skeleton construction, „White Tank“, mineral springs protected area and earthquake zone
Württembergische Lebensversicherung AG
Blocher Blocher Partners, Stuttgart

The nine-storey building contains customisable space for apartments, offices, medical centres, a daycare facility for children and two storeys for retail outlets. The inner courtyard is used by the daycare centre as children’s play area with outdoor installations. The framework is designed as a reinforced concrete skeleton construction with bracing cores and shear walls. The flexible column grid (7 to 8 m) was supplemented by cost-efficient flat slabs (28 to 32 cm) partially supported by deep beams. The underground carpark is optimised by slim composite steel columns of 25 cm in width (25/80 cm). The building is located in the urban mineral water protected area of Stuttgart. Therefore, the three basement floors were built as a „white tank“ (watertight reinforced-concrete caisson). We were able to add a customised foundation slab of 1.20 m to the protective layer (Lettenkeupers). For this purpose the slim composite columns had to be reinforced by punching shears („Geilinger Pilze“). The building can withstand seismic activity in the earthquake zone 1 as well as unilateral earth pressure.