Three-field sports hall constructed in timber element design
Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten
© David Matthiessen

The new sports hall in 'Vahingen/Enz' is designed as a compact, functional and highly economical timber element construction. Only the parts in contact with the ground are made of reinforced concrete. The building is divided into a three-field sports hall with spectator area, three-story functional area and multi-purpose section including a lounge and a multi-functional room. All areas are united under one roof. The supporting structure of the three-field sports hall benefits of the roof geometry resulting from the architecture, technical installation and lighting design. The cantilever of 5m on the south side of the building and the field width of 30.5m of the sports facility form the static system of a single-span beam with cantilever for the main beams. They are constructed as pre-fabricated hollow box beams made of screw-press-glued glulam elements (ca. 125/125cm). The design of the hollow box beams allows the reduction of the required heights and thus the building volume. The cavities of the main beams are efficiently used for ventilation and heating systems.