IBA Hamburg - Sport Center

Steel structure + timber construction. Façade: folding gate system
Internationale Bauausstellung IBA Hamburg GmbH - D
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This building forms the entrance area to the International Garden Show 2013. Situated in Hamburg, the hall complex consists of a sports hall and an indoor swimming pool. The roof structure of the sports hall comprises a directional timber structure, which spans over a footprint of 60 x 70 m. Wooden trusses made of glue-laminated timber form the main structure and span 46 m as single-span girders, at a truss-height of 2.5 m. These trusses are supported by concrete columns fixed at the base. Trapezoidal steel sections have been selected to cover the roof. The roof structure of the indoor swimming pool consists of two areas. The area over the swimming pool features a directional steel structure, whereas the area of the changing rooms is covered by a plain reinforced concrete slab. The roof spans over a footprint of 60 x 60 m. Whereupon continuous welded I-beams act as two-span beams to form the main structure. At a beam height of 950 mm the span widths vary from 24.8 to 34.3 m. The entire length of the southern façade is equipped with a folding gate system. Whereas the north-west facade comprises a planted green wall with end-to-end glazing on the ground floor level. A curtain-type timber structure enhances the thermal effect on the north side. The cladding on the east-façade is made of polycarbonate boards with window openings.