ARC Wildlife Crossing

Western Transportation Institute Montana State University - USA
Balmori Associates
United States
Vail, Colorado
2012 (Competition)

The structure of the bridge consists of a solid glue-laminated timber superstructure resting on abutment piers made of reinforced concrete. The timber structure is generated by connecting glue-laminated timber layers with shear-resistant threaded bolts. The timber body is to be prefabricated in elements designed for transport, then joined to segments with the length of the required spans, next to the construction site, and lifted in by a mobile crane. Hence, a modular structure has been designed, which can also be build at other locations. Furthermore, the blocking of the highway can be minimized to an extremely short period of time.The construction method with a low processing depth and the use of large quantities of the locally available material timber demonstrates an exceedingly sustainable building technique: the timber bridge structure stores more CO2 than is released during the production of the bridge.