1st Prize - Cable Car

UNStudio and Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture AB
2017 (Competition)
Plompmozes / UNStudio

To mark it's 400-year jubilee in 2021 the city of Gothenburg has decided to build a cable car as a new link across the river.
Within this setting we have supported UNStudio developing the design concept. The most apparent elements of the cable car will of course be the towers that as highly visible landmarks will define a new skyline.
The tower acts as a cantilevering trussed girder in order to minimize material consumption and allow a filigree appearance. The individual elements are designed in prefabricated fibre reinforced spun concrete. Diameter, wall thickness, reinforcement and level of pre-stress of each hollow element can easily be adjusted to suit the loads, allowing a highly efficient structural solution with minimal material use, being almost completely maintenance-free and corrosion-proof, and thus an economically and sustainable construction minimizing the environmental impact.
Each element of the tower is designed as a twin column with a trapezoidal butterfly cross section. The prefabricated members are quickly assembled into triangular sections on site and hoisted on top of each other.