Facade Tectonics 2020 World Congress August 5-27, 2020



Roman Schieber will present our project "The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, LA: Design & Engineering of the Iconic Spherical Shell" on the ‘Façade Tectonics 2020 World Congress’, which will take place virtually this coming August. Authors: Roman Schieber and Florian Meier. https://www.facadetectonics.org/papers/the-academy-museum-of-motion-pictures-la


 Tune in to Mic Patterson's interview of Roman Schieber about the winning paper on the Skins Podcast produced by the Facade Tectonics Institute. Podcasts can be found on the link below: https://www.facadetectonics.org/announcements/explore-the-top-papers-from-the-2020-world-congress